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House of Peace Releases Debut Video ‘My Love’


Ginny McCabe has more on the new video “My Love” from House of Peace in Assist News: https://www.assistnews.net/house-of-peace-releases-debut-video-my-love/

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Freekbass to release new album ‘Cincinnati’ in December


(Freekbass/Ropeadope Records)

Read more about ‘Cincinnati’ from Freekbass on AXS: http://m.axs.com/freekbass-to-release-new-album-cincinnati-in-december-70921

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Jason Crabb releases latest solo project ‘Whatever The Road’

IMG_9017 (2)

(Photo by Ginny McCabe)

Read  more about Jason Crabb’s latest effort Whatever The Road: http://www.examiner.com/article/jason-crabb-releases-latest-solo-project-whatever-the-road?CID=examiner_alerts_article

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Kelly Richey set to release a new album in the fall

Read more about Richey’s forthcoming project on AXS.com http://www.axs.com/kelly-richey-set-to-release-new-album-in-the-fall-42772

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